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Retail & Consumer Products: Field Management

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July 2, 2019

We help retail and consumer product companies redesign their field sales structure, balancing execution of a compelling in-store or brand experience with cost. We work with your team to understand where you are now and your target size improvements to recommend actionable efforts to realize the benefits of a new field structure.

Typical Client Concerns We Address

  • “Field organization is burdened with outdated processes or technology.”
  • “Standards not being followed uniformly across regions.”
  • “Limited correlation between store performance and number / focus of regional and district managers.” • “Inability to flex selling floor support capacity during peak periods.”
  • “Overlapping geographic boundaries – we’ve always done it this way.”
  • “Lack of ROI analysis to understand if budget dollars are being used most effectively.”

Our Approach

We utilize a unique combination of industry experience and data-driven methods to develop a comprehensive approach customized for individual clients’ needs and focused on improving ROI.

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