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Revenue Solutions: System Conversion Benefit Realization

Healthcare & Life Sciences

August 28, 2018

Major system conversions require healthcare organizations to commit substantial resources, time, and capital to achieve implementation. Through properly aligning key resource, process, and technology enhancements, organizations can realize the full benefit of this significant investment.


Healthcare organizations undergoing major system conversions (Epic, Cerner, etc.) often struggle with aggressive time frames, sometimes driven by regulatory and compliance pressures. Such constraints can cause health systems to overlook new efficiencies made possible by the conversion. With a joint operations / technology approach, FTI Consulting helps your enterprise streamline related processes and achieve greater benefit from each upgrade.

FTI Consulting has a dedicated revenue solutions team focused on realizing the benefit of a major system conversion. We do this by leveraging commonly identified areas of opportunity to educate operators on system functionality, downstream workflow impacts, and long term‐implications of various design decisions. Our benefit realization services typically result in two percent to more than five percent net revenue improvement.

FTI Consulting’s Approach

FTI Consulting experts identify opportunities across process, technology and resource allocations to ensure precise and accurate execution at all levels of the organization. We work closely with your team to integrate operations with technology in a way that allows leaders and users to better understand their impact on benefit realization. This is achieved by working side‐by‐side with your organization to develop, execute, and monitor a plan to realize the benefits.

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