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Stress Testing Services

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October 14, 2015

Stress testing, as a major component in the overall risk management fabric of a financial institution, should not only comply with regulatory capital adequacy requirements, but also should help facilitate the business strategy and planning functions of the organization. The FTI Consulting Bank Governance & Regulation practice helps clients meet these objectives by focusing on three major themes:

  • Ensuring that governance and operational components of stress testing are efficiently executed to meet the requirements of applicable regulations;
  • Assisting the board and management understand and interpret regulatory requirements, internal processes and stress testing results; and
  • Helping to improve the stress testing process and the integration of stress testing with other financial and operational risk management initiatives.

Who We Are
As a leading independent consulting firm, FTI Consulting is often the preferred provider of critical services to financial institutions. Our Bank Governance and Regulation practice comprises a team of experienced professionals including former senior managers at bank regulatory agencies and financial institutions who have the expertise and experience to add value while addressing client concerns. Our financial professionals are experienced bankers, CPAs, CFAs, attorneys, economists, forensic specialists and other financial professionals with expertise in compliance, enterprise risk management, financial and operational risk, information technology, and asset valuation. Our team includes former staff members of the Federal Reserve Board, the Office of Comptroller of the Currency, FDIC, SEC, Department of Justice and state Attorneys General.

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