The Competitive Edge - The New Healthcare Customer Access/Call Center

The Competitive Edge - The New Healthcare Customer Access/Call Center

Improving Access, Quality of Care, Service and System wide Financial Performance

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November 18, 2014

Health systems across the United States are in high gear evaluating and building Customer Access Centers (CACs). Optimized CACs replace the mazes that customers, including patients and referring physicians, now must navigate to get the health services they seek. CACs provide health systems with cutting-edge competitive tools that drive higher levels of quality care, service and value. This results in growth, impressive returns on investment and improvements in the health system’s financial performance. FTI Health Solutions is proud to be at the leading edge of this field and to be able to help its clients rapidly transform their operations to achieve a healthier future.

How CACs Improve Customer Satisfaction and Financial Performance:

  • Create a single, customer centric access point to do everything from scheduling, preregistration, including insurance verification and obtaining referrals/authorizations, clinical triage, prescription refills, to telemedicine and population health management.
  • Manage interactions with customers by telephone, emails, website, online chat and a range of social media channels. This increases both physician practice and hospital department efficiency.
  • Provide customers with access to services 24/7 through the medium they want. This improves access to care, customer satisfaction and significantly reduces healthcare and associates administrative costs.
  • Professional management and oversight of administrative tasks, such as scheduling and revenue cycle management. This ensures the organization “gets it right the first time,” improving access to services, reducing the cost to collect and managing and maximizing capacity utilization.
  • Customer needs and demand for services are anticipated in advance and organizational resources are aligned to ensure services are available to meet these needs.
  • Create economies of scale that allow an organization to be competitive in quality of care, service and value.

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