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Human Capital Optimization

Corporate Finance & Restructuring

November 17, 2015

Our suite of services address the most important questions facing C-level Executives, Boards of Directors and Investors today. Through the lens of an operator, we take a data-driven, fact-based approach to solving these problems.

Optimal Organizational Design and Implementation

  • Align organization to effectively meet customer needs and deliver results
  • Eliminate redundant and non-value added activity
  • Reduce spans and layers to provide a simpler, more responsive organization

Workforce Engagement

  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Establish accountability, responsibility and rules or engagement
  • Provide a compelling career path to improve workforce retention

Change Management

  • Build ownership beyond passive acceptance or buy-in
  • Maintain employee performance and motivation
  • Communicate consistently across multiple channels

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Key Contact

Keith F. Cooper

Senior Managing Director, Leader of Performance Improvement