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Commissioning Strategy and Contract Design

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July 30, 2015

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In partnership with local providers, Camden CCG is implementing an ambitious value-based commissioning programme. As part of this, the CCG is looking to improve the integration of services for patients across Camden and is developing Integrated Practice Units in a number of areas, including diabetes.

FTI Consulting is working with Camden CCG on the design of a value-based contract for diabetes to underpin the delivery of services by the Integrated Practice Units. We are working with the CCG and local providers to develop a contract covering both community and acute care, with a proportion of payment dependent on progress towards agreed patient outcomes.

The contract design incentivises providers to invest in care earlier in the patient pathway and therefore aligns the financial incentives of providers with achieving better outcomes for patients and better value for the CCG.

Our work has involved the application of economic principles, cost modelling components and extensive stakeholder engagement to obtain necessary clinical and technical input and to build consensus around our approach. The work has also included detailed analysis of provider cost and activity data across primary, secondary and community care for the patient cohort and scope of services that will be covered by the new contract.

Outcome: We have delivered the diabetes contract design and the baseline contract value costing, which have been agreed by all partners.

We are now supporting final negotiations with providers on the diabetes contract ahead of implementation of the contract in July 2015.

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