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Improving Theatre Utilisation and Efficiency

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August 5, 2015

Our client, a large teaching hospital operates across three sites providing a full range of acute hospital services. In spite of good clinical processes and reputation, the trust has constrained theatre utilisation with disjointed communications between departments, unpredictable theatre lists and some duplication of processes.

We were commissioned by the trust to undertake a review of theatre utilisation. We worked with clinical and operational staff to create a full understanding of the current context, allowing us to undertake a gap analysis between current operational practices, and leading clinical practices.

Once we had established the baseline, we were able to make a series of recommendations based on identification of organisational, process and IT improvements. These recommendations included identifying more appropriate alignment of theatre staff across the supporting functions, allowing for greater workforce efficiency.

We developed our recommendations collaboratively with staff, ensuring that our proposed implementation plan was owned by the theatres staff. We also identified barriers to change and likely risks so that these could be thought through and mitigated.

Finally, we created a management dashboard so that performance and improvements could be monitored.

Outcome: The report was received positively by the Board and Senior Management Team.

Our recommendations included a reduction in admissions process steps, reducing clinical involvement in supply chain functions and utilising Cerner software to its potential.

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