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What to Do When the Hospital has the Headache?

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May 20, 2015

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Situation: Surviving in an ever-changing industry

The healthcare industry in the U.S. is undergoing a game-changing transition as the combination of cost pressures and healthcare reform drive significant challenges.

The North Shore-LIJ Health System, an award-winning health organization comprised of 16 hospitals, a medical school, and large ambulatory and research enterprises has grown significantly over a period of several years. At North Shore-LIJ, Perioperative Services manages the care for surgical patients before, during and after surgical encounters. North Shore-LIJ’s growth resulted in an opportunity to standardize practices, guidelines and reporting utilized across the Perioperative Service Departments.

Transforming North Shore-LIJ’s operations would require enterprise- wide integration, an aligned strategic vision and a shared operational platform. North Shore-LIJ needed a partner they could rely on to deliver industry-specific insight, expertise and processes.

"The FTI Consulting team has been the best I have seen in my professional career. They create custom solutions, hold your hands to make improvements, and do not walk away after giving you advice and a manual."

Chief of Bariatric Surgery at Lennox Hill Hospital

FTI Consulting's Role: Delivering transformational leadership

To begin this transformation, FTI Consulting performed a comprehensive evaluation, which included interviewing key stakeholders, observing processes and identifying both strategic and operational enablers and issues. Following this assessment, FTI Consulting defined a two-phased, 24-month plan to improve safety, quality, satisfaction, profitability and efficiencies significantly across the health system.

Phase one of this process focused on laying the foundation for a centralized, enterprise-wide Perioperative Services model. It created an integrated body to provide consistent direction, support, business intelligence tools and communications across the company.

Phase two called for the deployment of FTI Consulting experts into North Shore-LIJ Health System’s facilities to identify hospital-specific challenges and opportunities; provide hands-on implementation support and guidance and educate Perioperative leadership and managers to ensure the successful adoption of best practices.

Outcome: Measurable results, cost savings and improved patient care and safety

The customized model yielded measurable performance improvement, enhanced efficiencies, better communication and collaboration, enterprise-wide reporting, and enriched patient care for North Shore-LIJ Health System. It also generated measurable quantitative results including:

  • A 15 percent reduction in annual supply costs in physician high-preference categories of spinal and total joint replacement surgeries, achieved through pricing negotiations and vendor consolidation;
  • Site-level implementation efforts resulting in a 14 percent improvement in on-time starts across the health system’s 16 hospitals just six months following execution; and
  • The implementation of more than 30 foundational policies, guidelines, forms and tools that have been accepted by medical boards throughout the health system.

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