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Economic Consulting

2013 Annual Report

Our Economic Consulting segment provides law firms, companies, government entities and other interested parties with analysis of complex economic issues for use in legal, regulatory and international arbitration proceedings, strategic decision making and public policy debates in the U.S. and around the world. We deliver sophisticated economic analysis and modeling of issues arising in M&A transactions, complex antitrust litigation, commercial disputes, international arbitration, regulatory proceedings and a wide range of securities litigation. Our statistical and economic experts help clients analyze complex economic issues such as the economic impact of deregulation on a particular industry or the amount of damages suffered by a business as a result of particular events. Our professionals regularly provide expert testimony on damages, rates and prices, valuations (including valuations of complex derivatives), competitive effects and intellectual property disputes. They also provide analyses and advice relating to antitrust and competition cases, regulatory proceedings, business valuations and public policy.

A number of factors affect the demand for our economic consulting services, including M&A activity (particularly large mergers of firms that are perceived to compete with each other in providing goods and services), general economic conditions, competition and governmental regulations and investigations.

Our Economic Consulting services are offered through a global network of 27 offices in 10 countries. In 2013, we increased the number of revenue-generating professionals in our Economic Consulting segment by approximately 11.8 percent to 530 professionals as of December 31, 2013, of whom six professionals, or 1.1 percent, joined us through acquisitions.

In 2013, our Economic Consulting revenues of $447.4 million increased 14.2 percent compared to $391.6 million in the prior year period. 2013 Adjusted Segment EBITDA was $92.2 million, or 20.6 segment percent of revenues, compared to $77.5 million, or 19.8 percent of revenues in 2012.

Economic Consulting Services

2013 Awards & Accolades

  • Named Leading Antitrust Economics Firm and one of the 20 Best Economics Firms in the World by Global Competition Review for nine consecutive years (2005-2013)
  • Most professionals by firm named to Who’s Who Legal List of Commercial Arbitration Expert Witnesses for four consecutive years (2011-2014)

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