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Consumer Research

FTI Consulting regularly interviews consumers to understand their perspectives firsthand. From October 28-November 5, 2013, we conducted an online survey among a nationally weighted sample of 9880 American adults, ages 18 and older. The survey explored consumer opinions and behaviors regarding holiday shopping.

Among our findings, Americans are gift givers. Ninety-two percent of Americans give at least one other adult a gift during the holiday season, and 68% give at least one child a gift. On average, adults buy four other adults gifts and approximately three children gifts, which means approximately 1.3 billion gifts are purchased during the holiday season.

It may be stressful, but we still love the holidays.

The majority of Americans say they love every part of holiday shopping, even though a third of them say it causes them a great deal of stress. They reject the notion that holiday shopping is a chore or an obligation and do not resent the effort or money spent. Not surprisingly, consumers who tend to enjoy the season buy more people gifts and spend more money. More surprising is the fact that stress does not seem to impact holiday spending. Those consumers who indicate that the holiday season causes them great stress actually spend more than stress-free shoppers.

We are pleased to share the key findings of our consumer survey with you as part of The 2013 Holiday Retail Report.

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