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Asset Lifecycle Management Insights

Remote Control: Managing and Delivering Capital Assets with a Distributed Workforce

What’s the difference between “working from home” and developing a distributed workforce strategy and capabilities? One is a response to an unexpected pandemic, while the other is designed to be a sustainable long-term working model. In the capital projects and asset intensive industries, a distributed workforce strategy and capabilities allows companies to adapt to disruptions and unlock a myriad of tangible, trackable benefits.

The Value of Statistical Analytics for Capital Project Management

The term “analytics” means different things in different organizations. In a world where data overload is a fact of life, and where quantitative analysis is vital to remain competitive and enhance performance, statistical analytics is the only way to effectively harness your data and discover hidden value. Statistical analytics identifies and quantifies the patterns that truly matter in large and complex data sets. This deep understanding reveals and explains blind spots, enables users to prioritize and focus resources more effectively, and predicts results using historic patterns. This article presents an overview of how statistical analytics can be implemented and matured within a PMO to greatly enhance capital asset delivery.

Understanding the True Cost of Construction in Today’s Market

In recent years, companies have begun to raise concerns about the increase in costs for their major construction projects, looking for clarity as to why costs have doubled from what they were 20 years ago. This paper gives insight to key factors driving cost escalation, and when taken into consideration, Owners/Operators, and EPC’s can align their expectations with the realities of today’s construction market.

Asset Lifecycle Management Case Studies

Our ALM professionals can help you solve the challenges that stand in the way of your organization’s growth. We will work with you as partners until we have delivered the results that matter to you. We ultimately want our clients to be successful in all their endeavors. Our case studies will demonstrate our services around Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management (EPPM), Enhanced Project Delivery (EPD), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Asset Management Services (AMS).

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