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Understanding the economic implications of Brexit. Having credible evidence to guide your business planning, investment decisions and any public outreach will be essential.

Identifying critical information to help inform decision making. Keeping up to speed with the latest developments and being able to anticipate future developments is vital to making informed decisions for your business.


Involvement with the negotiating process. While Europe is on countdown to March 2019 when the UK will officially leave the EU, a potential transition period is still under negotiation.

Managing your public position. Brexit cannot be ignored. Your ability to remain outside of the political discussions may not be possible once the commercial implications are made public.

Preparing your Business

Brexit and the UK’s future relationship with the EU and the wider world. As the UK Government and the EU27 progress phase 2 of the Brexit negotiations, focus shifts to the trading relationship between the two.

The impact of Brexit on your team. Business has come to increasingly rely on the free movement of its work force across the European Union, to create a flexible employment market.

Preparing to make changes to your business structure. Brexit is an opaque process, more political than commercial in its outlook so far.

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