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Managing your Public Position


Brexit cannot be ignored. Your ability to remain outside of the political discussions may not be possible once the commercial implications are made public. A diverse range of internal and external stakeholders will seek clarification as to how the business will respond.

You may be considering:

  • What is our public position on key commercial issues?
  • How do we plan for the future?
  • What clarification will investors need?
  • How do we reassure our staff and suppliers?

Brexit and communicating your business plan:

Actively manage the concerns of your broader stakeholders including investors, employees and suppliers.

How FTI Consulting can help

FTI Consulting’s Strategic Communications practice is able to provide a broad range of support.

  • Integrated communication strategies - Campaign platforms, Investor relations, internal communications, supplier outreach
  • Media relations and digital communications - Influence public opinion and maximise impact
  • Crisis and issues planning - Manage any negative scenarios or outcomes

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