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The Impact of Brexit on your Team


Business has come to increasingly rely on the free movement of its work force across the European Union, to create a flexible employment market. Companies have been able to draw upon a larger employment pool of available talent to help drive growth and competitiveness.

Its success is evident. British business currently employs an estimated 2.1 million EU nationals, who together with their families and dependents account for 3.3 million people living in the country. Equally European business employs an estimated 800,000 Britons, a home to 1.2 million in total.

You may be considering:

  • How to best inform the team during the transition period?
  • How to retain and reassure foreign staff?
  • How will legal and HR responsibilities change?
  • Will the passporting of professional qualifications continue as before?
  • How to adapt future people strategies to support the business?

Managing your employment needs:

When it comes to people, Brexit is already having an impact. While the future of this international workforce is at the heart of the negotiations, concrete details have been elusive, which is creating considerable uncertainty for companies seeking to reassure staff and also plan for the future.

How FTI Consulting can help

FTI Consulting’s People & Change Practice is ideally placed to help clients prepare for the challenges ahead:

  • Develop a credible internal communications programme - Keeping your workforce informed and engaged with the company’s position
  • Creating innovative, flexible people strategies - Maintain motivation; avoid a brain drain and effective on-boarding of new talent
  • Driving business continuity through change - Preparing and managing the workforce during any subsequent restructure
  • Legally employed - Reviewing and aligning HR needs and requirements as they evolve

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