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Preparing to Make Changes to your Business Structure


Brexit is an opaque process, more political than commercial in its outlook so far. However, as the negotiating process evolves and details are confirmed, business will need to adapt to the new commercial reality.

You may be considering:

  • What is the new operating model?
  • Is the right business and finance strategy in place?
  • Does Brexit impact the corporate M&A strategy?
  • What steps should be taken to address any tax and licensing issues or currency fluctuations?
  • What new opportunities could be created at a European and international level?

Be ready for change

Business will become increasingly proactive in mitigating any risk and taking advantage of any new opportunities. Scenario planning will shift towards effectively preparing your organisation for the new commercial landscape by implementing and managing any restructure.

How FTI Consulting can help

FTI Consulting’s corporate finance experts address the full spectrum of corporate restructuring, financial and transactional challenges faced by companies, boards, private equity sponsors, creditor constituencies and other stakeholders.

  • Operational transformation - Keeping your workforce informed and engaged with the company’s position
  • Restructuring - Maintain motivation; avoid a brain drain and effective on-boarding of new talent
  • Tax - Preparing and managing the workforce during any subsequent restructure
  • Transaction services: identifying growth opportunities - Reviewing and aligning HR needs and requirements as they evolve
  • Valuation: evaluate assets - Providing robust valuation advice and support potential portfolio investors

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