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Shareholders are Coming to a Boardroom Near You

04/09/2012 - Elizabeth Saunders, Americas Chairman, Strategic Communications

We are pleased to share with you the results of FTI Consulting’s second annual Corporate Governance Investor Survey. We surveyed 143 institutional portfolio managers and analysts across North America to assess the hot button corporate governance issues among the investment community as well as the potential responses that management and boards should expect from shareholders. In short, our findings confirm that shareholders are increasingly asking for, and receiving, a voice in the corporate affairs of their portfolio companies.

The study is demonstrative of our approach to capital markets communications — we believe that counsel should be rooted in objective and empiric research, and best practices require ongoing assessment and optimization.

Please browse this site, download the white paper, and view last year’s survey results to explore this topic. Given the ongoing evolution of this critical topic, be sure to check back often to our Discussion section for news and insights on events surrounding corporate governance and the 2012 proxy season.

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