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Shareholder Engagement

Strategic Communications

Today, boards and management teams are facing heightened scrutiny from institutional investors, proxy-advisory firms and media alike. Special situations — like crises; leadership changes; mergers and acquisitions (M&A); say-on-pay issues; and shareholder activism — are becoming increasingly common. These challenges — along with blurring communications channels, global capital allocation and ubiquitous information — create the perfect storm, where an unprepared company can find itself as a virtual bystander, as others decide its fate in the marketplace.

This new environment has forced companies — and the CFOs and investor relations officers (IRO) who manage investor relations (IR) — to radically reshape the way they communicate and interact with the audiences that affect their company’s valuation.

Financial-communication experts with the Strategic Communications segment at FTI Consulting share proprietary research, deep insights and best practices for establishing a strong IR strategy; leveraging valuable communications specialists and tools; and strengthening relationships with key influencers and investors.

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