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As the two largest economies in the world, opportunities for cross-border business and investment are compelling for Chinese and U.S. businesses. The FTI Consulting China Services Desk was established to help Chinese entities engage in business globally and for international companies to conduct business in China.

Our China Services Desk advises clients on a broad range of business challenges including IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual and real property, international dispute resolution, government enforcement and investigations. Located in key global business centers, our team of more than 500 professionals, comprised of former regulators, enforcement officials, business executives, auditors and data specialists, work together to help you succeed in the marketplace. Team members are multi-lingual and multi-cultural professionals, many fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

FTI Consulting professionals understand China’s complex, ever-changing business environment and the culture that drives it. We have been actively involved in the Chinese market for decades, assisting Chinese businesses headquartered in Beijing, Shanghai, or Hong Kong to enter the U.S. public markets. Whether preparing for an IPO, a merger or acquisition, or seeking other channels of funding in the United States, FTI Consulting contributes considerable value to the process.

Many of our clients are middle-market Chinese companies, seeking business advice that the Big Four auditing/ accounting firms cannot provide. Auditing firms’ freedom to offer business advice is limited by their obligation to maintain independence. As a business advisory firm, FTI Consulting is unhindered by these limitations.

With more than 4,700 employees and offices in 27 countries, FTI Consulting serves clients globally leveraging our diverse expertise and exceptional credentials. We are a trusted advisor, helping organizations to anticipate and respond to events, both at critical moments and for the long haul.

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