One of our key capabilities is helping Chinese businesses maximize their value as they prepare to go public in the United States. An IPO requires well-planned and strategic communications before, during and after the event. FTI Consulting has helped companies of all sizes successfully navigate their entry into the equity markets — from the preparation of the registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to the development of the IPO road show and outreach plans for investors, employees and regulators.

Entering the U.S. capital markets is easier than staying listed. A U.S. listing involves significant corporate governance and regulatory compliance obligations. While other firms can help you go public, FTI Consulting understands that the real challenge comes after the IPO. We support you throughout the IPO process, from raising capital and building corporate structure to post-IPO operations and compliance.

Pre-IPO Support

  • Capital Raising Strategy – To maximize overall enterprise valuation, pre-IPO workshop and analysis evaluate the merits of going public versus alternative capital-raising strategies
  • Corporate Structure – To protect shareholders’ interests, establish a high-performance leadership team to build robust corporate governance and attracting seasoned, independent board members
  • Valuation Expertise – Develop fair market values using leading FTI Consulting in-house expertise in valuation and actuarial science
  • Compliance Due Diligence – To help avoid potential regulatory liability, ensure that third parties and prospective joint venture partners have proper anti-corruption controls and screening mechanisms in place
  • External Advisor Management – To fully support your IPO, assemble a first-class team of advisors, including law firms, investment bankers, auditors, investor relations professionals, management consultants and other business advisors
  • Investment Banking – FTI Capital Advisors, our wholly-owned subsidiary, is a special situations and middle-investment bank that can assist with M&A buy-side and sell-side, private placements, valuations and opinions
  • Strategic Communications – Create powerful, customized messaging that best presents your success story to analysts, media and potential investors for roadshows, meetings, press releases and web sites

Post-IPO Support

FTI Consulting supports a range of business-critical functions to ensure your newly listed company meets or exceeds ongoing stockholders’ expectations.

  • Strategic Communications – Our team can assist with ongoing corporate and media communications, executive and board media training, shareholder engagement and investor relations management
  • Data Analytics – Our team of data scientists can help drive shareholder value by analyzing financial and operational data and suggesting business improvements
  • Control Environment – Our industry experts can help with operational and regulatory compliance issues, such as setting up internal controls for Sarbanes-Oxley Act (“SOX”) compliance and responding to SEC inquires
  • Technical Accounting – Our accounting experts can assist with drafting technical memos and financial statements and establishing policies and procedures
  • Regulatory Compliance – Our team can provide regulatory and financial reporting assistance, and company representation for any enforcement inquires or actions

FTI Consulting experience, knowledge and proven approaches assist clients achieve a faster, more effective IPO process while continuing the momentum of your current business.

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