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FTI Consulting and the Women’s Forum

FTI Consulting is proud to be a Sponsor of the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society, a leading platform dedicated to highlighting women’s voices and perspectives on global issues.

The Women’s Forum believes in women leaders’ distinctive capacity to create positive impact on their employees, communities and societies.

Headquartered in Paris with global influence, it manifests a commitment to women’s leadership and progress throughout the year with a range of Initiatives in partnership with businesses, cultural and media leaders and non-governmental organisations.

There are a range of initiatives and throughout the year, and FTI Consulting’s leaders will be present at the three major events during 2018:

  • 10-11 May - Toronto
  • 12-14 September - Singapore
  • 14-16 November - Paris

FTI Consulting will also be assisting in the development of content for the Women’s Forum by providing ‘evidence-based’ insight/research in the field of gender bias in artificial intelligence.

For further information, please visit the Women’s Forum website or contact our Senior Managing Director Julia Harrison.

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