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PRWeek: Enterprise Value Roundtable

Using Communications to Drive Tangible Business Outcomes

Strategic Communications | PRWeek (Reprint)

November 22, 2014

Brands in all sectors are on a never-ending pursuit to establish market leadership, attract and retain industry-leading talent, effectively battle opponents on the regulatory and/or activist front, and improve their stock price.

What do all of these factors have in common? In addition to being key components that give businesses a license to operate, they are all elements communications is uniquely positioned to impact in the eyes of the myriad audiences with whom brands must establish confidence.

Communications executives from industry leaders such as Verizon, JetBlue, and Allstate joined PRWeek and FTI Consulting in New York City for an executive roundtable. Framed around the key learnings from FTI Consulting’s 2014 Enterprise Value Study, the communications experts identify and discuss how PR can impact market leadership, stock price, and other key business factors that help stakeholders feel more assured.

Download the PRWeek report to gain insights from these leaders on the key strategic tactics that enable communications to directly influence tangible business outcomes.

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