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M&A Integration Survey

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May 4, 2017

FTI Consulting’s Tech Sector practice surveyed over 80 M&A executives from the Silicon Valley and beyond. Respondents included corporate development leaders, M&A Integration executives and functional leaders across sub-sectors such as hardware, networking, software, internet, semiconductors and X-Tech (FinTech and AdTech).

Most people believed that the rates of M&A failure were still high, although failure was defined differently based on the type of transaction, many also believed that the M&A integrations from the last decade (focused on back office synergies) were not scaling to today’s needs.

ma integration insights
1 Miscellaneous factors include: acquisition premium, inadequate integration leadership, inability to make decisions. 

Survey Methodology
FTI Consulting conducted an informal and online survey in 2016. Audience/participants (>80 individuals), included leaders from corporate development, M&A integration and functional specialists in the technology industry.

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