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A Social Divide in the City: 2016 Edition

The Cat Is Out of the Bag on a New Divide

Strategic Communications

February 4, 2016


Our latest analysis of FTSE 100 companies using social media to support results communications shows that there is a clear divide between those who are truly embracing the opportunities for engagement online (and cats – we’ll come to this later) and those who are not.

This report marks the fourth installment of the Social Divide performance index produced by FTI Digital, a part of the Strategic Communications segment of FTI Consulting.

Analyzing each FTSE 100 constituent at the time of its latest results announcement, we reveal the extent to which companies are using social channels and the effectiveness of the content they are sharing, measured in terms of volume, quality and impact.

We show how the real divide is now drawn around effectiveness and engagement online and how the undisputed leader remains BP – the company also came first in our 2015 ranking – with its results-related content engaged with 1,194 times, or almost twice as many times as the content of the runner up TUI Group.

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