The 2014 Enterprise Value Study

The 2014 Enterprise Value Study

How Confidence Drives Stakeholder Behaviors

Strategic Communications

October 27, 2014

Confidence is the key to influencing employees, customers, investors, governmental leaders and the public to take positive actions, according to FTI Consulting’s 2014 Enterprise Value Study. A good corporate reputation, while necessary, is not sufficient.

In a proprietary study conducted among four stakeholder groups – investors, business-to-business customers, employees and public influentials – FTI Consulting measured the attributes that drive: employees to join or stay at a company; customers to buy products and services; investors to purchase and hold stock in the company; and policymakers and citizens to advocate for the company in their communities. By increasing confidence, the study finds, companies can turn stakeholders into “advocates” for the companies – something that a strong reputation alone does not do.

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