2013 Proxy Disclosure and Current Corporate Governance Standards | Webinars

2013 Proxy Disclosure and Current Corporate Governance Standards

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Date: 01/31/2013
Length: 60 minutes

The influence of proxy advisory firms on executive compensation and the related corporate governance policies continues to be a key area of concern for Directors and Executives alike. In the process of preparing your 2013 proxy statements and the Say-on-Pay vote, it is important to understand the current guidelines of the proxy advisory firms, the results of the 2012 proxy season and what to expect for 2013.  Our Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance professionals will present an overview of the current state of the corporate governance field, recent trends in corporate governance, changes in the regulatory landscape, and how to best prepare for the 2013 proxy season.

Learn About:

  • Key Areas of Focus of Activist Investors and Corporate Governance Experts
  • Recent Corporate Governance Trends in the REIT Industry and Broader Public Markets
  • Growing Role of Proxy Advisory Firms
  • Updates to ISS’ Peer Group Methodology
  • Clawback, Anti-Hedging and Anti-Pledging Policies
  • Framework for Preparing for the 2013 Proxy Season

Who Should Attend:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Human Resource Officer
  • General Counsel
  • Independent Director

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