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Lunch with FTI: Imaging Equipment Service: Simplify and Save

Healthcare & Life Sciences

September 6, 2018

Date:Wednesday, August 29, 2018
Length: 30 minutes

Why Watch?

Find out if your organization might be better off with a single service/maintenance provider for all imaging equipment.

Learn About:

Learn why many hospitals have standardized to one imaging equipment service provider, even if they have equipment from several different Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Determine if your organization is ready to start saving 20%+, while reducing the time and energy required to manage multiple contracts with multiple providers. Learn about the roadblocks that other organizations have faced, and how to overcome them.

Who Should Watch?

  • CFOs
  • COOs
  • CMOs
  • Biomedical Engineering Directors
  • Cath Lab Directors
  • Radiology Directors
  • Purchased Service Contract Managers
  • Supply Chain Directors


Andy Murphy
FTI Consulting Health Solutions

Andy Murphy is a Director with FTI, and has been with the firm since February 2015. He focuses on helping clients improve supply chain operations and non-labor expense management, including clinical/non-clinical supplies and purchased services.

John Reese
FTI Consulting Health Solutions

John Reese is a Director at FTI Consulting and is based in Brentwood, TN. He is part of the Health Solutions practice. As an analytics thought leader, he has worked to bring standardized data procedures and tools to a wide variety of healthcare subject areas. By using innovative analytics techniques, he advises clients to improve processes and create standardized tools in order to improve performance. In his recently published white paper, “Transforming Purchased Services through Analytics”, Mr. Reese explored the benefits of data integrity, data analysis, and dashboarding to organizations looking to reduce supply chain purchased services costs.

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