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Lunch with FTI: The New Primary Care Model

Healthcare & Life Sciences

March 23, 2018


Date: Friday, March 23, 2018
Length: 30 minutes

Why Watch?

With the rise of the consumer, changes in payment models, physician burn out, and new forces entering the market, healthcare in the United States is at a significant tipping point for a major overhaul. The old fee-for-service model will no longer fulfill the demand for high quality and low-cost healthcare delivery in this new age. The webinar will address the current state of our healthcare market and various models FTI Consulting clients are exploring. The New Primary Care model is focused on maximizing reimbursements through outcomes-based results, enhancing the overall patient experience, and increasing provider satisfaction with a better work-life balance. Additionally, viewers will have the opportunity to take a brief self-readiness assessment to gauge where their organization may fit on this continuum.

Learn About:

  • Understand the primary care delivery models in today’s evolving market
  • Improve quality of care, service, value, provider work-life balance and net income by transforming your primary care delivery model
  • Create a sustainable model able to lead and succeed in the evolving healthcare world

Who Should Watch?

  • Primary Care Physicians and Practice Managers
  • Physician Practice Administrative Executives
  • Physician Practice Leaders
  • Practice Directors


Chuck Holt
Managing Director
FTI Consulting Health Solutions

Chuck Holt is a Managing Director at FTI Consulting-Health Solutions. He is a dynamic healthcare professional with specific expertise in the successful development and execution of physician enterprise strategy, advisory services, and executive leadership roles. Mr. Holt has 25 years of consulting and healthcare industry experience with proven results in moving organizations to achieve higher performance and accountability. In his most recent project engagements, Mr. Holt has redesigned and leveraged people, processes, technologies, and facilities to centralize call centers within primary care services. Additionally, he has served as an expert witness and conducted operational due diligence for large primary care organizations.

Hunter Hayes
Senior Consultant
FTI Consulting Health Solutions

Hunter Hayes is a Senior Consultant at FTI Consulting-Health Solutions. Mr. Hayes has spent over 6 years in the healthcare consulting industry specializing in employed physician practice operations. He is an expert in applying data driven information that allows physician enterprise leaders to make strong management decisions. Most recently Mr. Hayes has worked as a facilitator in implementing a centralized call center for a large primary care organization. The project scope used robust data analytics, standard operating procedures, omni-channel communication platforms, and advanced scheduling technologies to drive higher volume and enhance the patient experience.

Susan Axon
Senior Consultant
FTI Consulting Health Solutions

Susan Axon is a Senior Consultant at FTI Consulting-Health Solutions. She has more than 15 years of healthcare industry experience including patient care, medical management, change management, process design, data governance, analytics & decision support, system build, testing, clinical transformation & clinician adoption, and education/training. Her experience further encompasses EHR assessments, remediation and implementation work with multiple EHR systems in both the inpatient and outpatient care settings.

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