Hiring Tips

Tips on how to make a great first impression
and land your dream career.


You’re not alone in the application process – every single person at FTI Consulting
today has been there, too! Here are some tips and tricks help
you excel at every stage of your application.
Employee on Laptop

Online Assessments

  • Warm up for your numerical assessment by practicing some mental math.
  • Keep an eye on the clock!
  • If you’re struggling with a question for a while, skip it – spending too long on a question prevents you from trying other (maybe easier!) ones.


  • Re-read your CV or Resume before the interview.
  • Think of key skills that might make you an effective Consultant and examples that might indicate this.
  • Know about the work FTI Consulting does and be able to explain why you want to work here.
  • Take some time to think before answering – don’t rush!
  • We’re interested in how you think, so talk the interviewer through your thought process.
  • Be yourself and let your interviewer see who you are.

Group Exercises

  • The work we do at FTI Consulting is collaborative and the purpose of a group work task is to see how well you work with other people.
  • Use the time at the start to process the information and form some opinions.
  • Don’t be afraid to say what you think and ask your team members for their opinions.

Early Talent Interview Tips

Before you go into your first interview, it helps to be prepared. Use this checklist while preparing for your interview and while following up afterwards, so you can 
make a lasting impression.