Growth and Learning

Are you ambitious, driven and determined to succeed? A career at FTI Consulting will give you the challenge you need – and ample opportunity to reach your full potential.

Grow with Us

Helping you realize your potential and feel fulfilled in your work is the best way to ensure success — for you, for FTI Consulting and for our clients.

Early Career Learning

From your first day at FTI Consulting and throughout your career with us we will equip you with the core skills you need to succeed. We recognize that employees are more effective when they feel properly supported and confident in their abilities.

New Consultant Orientation/New Grad Induction

This multi-day, on-site course is your introduction to FTI Consulting.

New employees are equipped with the information, tools and resources essential for a successful start at FTI Consulting. Participants build relationships with colleagues and hear directly from key leaders about the impact they can make as part of the firm’s global and diverse network.

Coaching and Mentorship

When you begin your role, you’ll be matched with a dedicated coach.

Your coach is responsible for mentoring you, ensuring that you have the resources and guidance you need to be successful as you begin taking on assignments. Your coach also advocates for your growth within the firm, helping you reach milestones to advance your career.

Small Team, Big Impact

We know that hands-on experience is the best way to learn.

From your very first day, you’ll be part of a small, client-focused team where you will work directly on high-impact projects. Working side-by-side with leading industry experts, you will learn by doing work that truly matters while developing professional relationships that will last throughout your career.

Life at FTI Consulting

See where we’re making an impact today.

Growing at FTI Consulting

Question and Answer with Jodie Thompson, who started at FTI Consulting as an intern and is now a director in our New York office.

Jodi Thompson
Jodie Thompson

Director, New York

Why would you recommend FTI Consulting to a college student/recent graduate?

FTI Consulting offers a challenging yet collaborative environment not just at the student/recent graduate level but throughout one’s career at the firm, with a company-wide emphasis on continuous learning.

What is your favorite thing about working at FTI Consulting?

One of FTI Consulting’s greatest assets is its people. The opportunity to work alongside experts with years of vast industry experience is invaluable.

How has working at FTI Consulting contributed to your growth as a professional?

Working at FTI Consulting has sharpened my critical thinking skills when supporting clients through risk and compliance litigation. It has given me the opportunity to lead and learn simultaneously through exciting and challenging project work in a collaborative and creative setting. Lastly, FTI Consulting has given me a web of impressively talented colleagues across industry markets, capabilities and leadership teams that continue to contribute to and invest in my career growth and success.

Talent Development

As you progress through your career at FTI Consulting, we aim to ensure you are prepared and empowered to take on your next role.

Milestone Programs

A promotion can be both exciting and intimidating when it means taking on new responsibilities.

To ensure that newly promoted employees are set up for success, we offer role-specific Milestone Programs. These multiday, on-site development programs are structured to prepare employees for a new role and enhance their leadership, managerial, teamwork and client relations skills.

E-Learning and On-Demand Training

Build on your core skills or learn entirely new ones.

As an employee, you’ll have access to continuous development opportunities designed to promote learning and growth. Take advantage of on-site, virtual and self-directed e-learning courses, or ask your coach about potential training opportunities to expand your abilities or add to your professional credentials.