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Benton Fisher

Benton V. Fisher

  • Senior Managing Director
  • Economic Consulting
  • T: +1 571 830 1051
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    • 8251 Greensboro Drive
    • McLean, VA, 22102
    • United States
    • T: +1 571 405 3260

Benton V. Fisher is a Senior Managing Director of FTI Consulting’s Network Industries Strategies practice, located in McLean, Virginia. Mr. Fisher has more than 25 years of experience in providing financial, economic and analytical consulting services to corporate clients dealing with transportation, telecommunications, and postal subjects.

North America's largest railroads have retained FTI Consulting both to assist them in making strategic and tactical decisions and to provide expert testimony in litigation. FTI Consulting's ability to present a thorough understanding of myriad competitive and regulatory factors has given its clients the necessary tools to implement and advance their business. Mr. Fisher has worked extensively to develop these clients' applications for mergers and acquisitions and expert testimony justifying the reasonableness of their rates before the Surface Transportation Board. In addition to analyzing extensive financial and operating data, Mr. Fisher has worked closely with people within many departments at the railroad as well as outside counsel to ensure that the railroads' presentations are accurate and defensible. Additionally, Mr. Fisher reviews the expert testimony of the railroads' opponents in these proceedings, and advises counsel on the necessary course of action to respond.

AT&T and MCI retained FTI Consulting to advance its efforts to implement the Telecommunications Act of 1996 in local exchange markets. Mr. Fisher was primarily responsible for reviewing the incumbent local exchange carriers' (ILEC) cost studies, which significantly impacted the ability of FTI Consulting's clients to access local markets. Mr. Fisher analyzed the sensitivity of multiple economic components and incorporated this information into various models being relied upon by the parties and regulators to determine the pricing of services. Mr. Fisher was also responsible for preparing testimony that critiqued alternative presentations.

Mr. Fisher assisted in reviewing the U.S. Postal Service’s evidence and preparing expert testimony on behalf of interveners in Postal Rate and Fee Changes cases. He has also been retained by a large international consulting firm to provide statistical and econometric support in their preparation of a long-range implementation plan for improving telecommunications infrastructure in a European country.

Mr. Fisher has sponsored expert testimony in rate reasonableness proceedings before the Surface Transportation Board and in contract disputes in Federal Court and arbitration proceedings.

Mr. Fisher holds a B.S. in Engineering and Management Systems from Princeton University.

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