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Biggs Cannon

  • Senior Managing Director
  • Health Solutions
  • T: +1 202 728 8723
  • M: +1 202 340 8034
  • F: +1 202 312 9101
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    • 555 12th Street, NW
    • Suite 700
    • Washington, DC, 20004
    • United States
    • T: +1 202 312 9100
    • F: +1 202 312 9101

Biggs Cannon is a Senior Managing Director in FTI Consulting’s Health Solutions practice and is based in Washington D.C. Mr. Cannon has worked with managed care organizations, retail pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies where his areas of expertise include data compliance and process improvement, Medicare, advanced database development and maintenance, advanced data querying and analysis, data mining and manipulation, quantitative analysis, project management and general litigation support. 

Mr. Cannon has worked extensively with managed care organizations through the identification, reconciliation and reprocessing of Medicare Advantage submissions to CMS and the quantification of potential repayments related to those reprocessed submissions.  Mr. Cannon has lead the validation efforts of these updated submissions to CMS and has worked closely with internal client personnel to confirm the accuracy of these submissions and verify that the data provided to CMS is an accurate reflection of the data present in the managed care organization’s internal systems.

Mr. Cannon has worked with payor owned physician groups to support their Medicare Advantage submissions and help maximize their financial return.  He has led efforts to identify submissions with errors, assess solutions to remediate correctable errors and calculate potential risk adjustment factor (RAF) lift related to the remediation efforts.

Mr. Cannon has worked with internal client personnel to educate them on best practices used in processing Medicare Advantage data and helped identify, and correct, client business rules operating outside of the industry’s best practices.  Here he has created internal policies, helped define business rules, reviewed and tested related system updates and prepared and presented summary findings to upper level management of both the client and their external clients.  He has also prepared work plans, project budgets, and internal task monitoring reports to support client efforts in managing project goals and timelines.

Mr. Cannon has supported several major managed care organizations through complex litigations and disclosures involving intensive data collection and analysis.  During these engagements he has worked with various members within the client organizations to gather systems information, identify and collect key data elements, and perform analysis on this data using various platforms. 

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