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Daniel R. Witinok

Daniel R. Witinok

  • Managing Director
  • Forensic & Litigation Consulting
  • T: +1 646 453 1247
  • F: +1 212 841 9350
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    • Three Times Square
    • 9th Floor
    • New York, NY, 10036
    • United States
    • T: +1 212 247 1010
    • F: +1 212 841 9350

Daniel Witinok is a Managing Director in FTI Consulting’s Data & Analytics practice and is based in New York. Mr. Witinok has eight years of financial consulting, data forensics and database analysis experience. His programming and database querying knowledge is backed by experience with C#.NET, Oracle APEX, T-SQL, PL/SQL, and UDB SQL.

Since joining FTI Consulting in 2005, Mr. Witinok has provided data collection and data analysis in transactional systems to clients in financial services, healthcare, insurance, transportation, communications and entertainment industries. Mr. Witinok also leads FTI’s client-centric application development efforts leading the development of applications: FTI COMPLY, ART, LEADr, and FTI CMSI.

Mr. Witinok led an alleged missing funds investigation of a financial institution in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. He worked closely with leaders from the institution and leaders from third party stake holders such as BNY, JP Morgan and DTC. He determined the source of alleged missing funds and presented findings to the board of trustees. Additionally, Mr. Witinok developed an allegation review and response generating web application for a major financial institution. The project involved allegations from multiple bond insurers that the financial institution fraudulently obtained insurance on billions of dollars of mortgage-backed securities. The review application was used to respond to specific allegations against 5000+ loans in the securitizations streamlining the process and standardizing verbiage.

Mr. Witinok has managed the database asset preservation for the bankruptcy of a major international financial services firm. Database asset preservation consisted of the collection of approximately 100 Terabytes of data comprised of more than 2,000 databases from across multiple database system types such as Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, and Netezza. Mr. Witinok also managed the migration of all databases into a unified platform for analysis and review. He has also developed and performed a complete reconciliation of claims for an insurance company who provides insurance to the self-employed. This project consisted of the reconciliation of nearly fifty million claims across a half of dozen systems to verify all have been adjudicated. In addition, Mr. Witinok assisted in the calculation of interest due to each provider for all claims not paid in timely manner based on each states prompt-pay statutes.

Mr. Witinok has performed transactional database analysis and reporting reconstruction for a major entertainment conglomerate in a class action lawsuit. Among forensic acquisitions of nearly 100 computers and other tasks, this project involved recreating financial reports which include EBIT, EBIDTA, General Ledger, Balance Sheet, etc. for more than a dozen of its subsidiaries.

In the largest production in United States litigation history, Mr. Witinok and team acquired, hosted, analyzed and produced more than 40 transactional databases totaling more than 17 terabytes of data for a major pharmaceutical company.

Additionally, Mr. Witinok has developed and performed transactional-based anti-money laundering analyses for a major international financial services institution. This project involved the analysis of thousands of international wire transfer transactions. He has also developed and performed transaction-based analyses for more than a half of a dozen institutions involved in stock option backdating lawsuits. These projects involved performing timeline analysis for stock options prices and sold dates.

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