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Doug Johnson

Doug O. Johnson, P.E.

  • Senior Director
  • Economic Consulting
  • T: +1 512 327 6930
  • F: +1 512 327 7069
Connect with Me:
    • 925 S Capital of Texas Highway
    • Building A, Suite 200
    • Austin, TX, 78746
    • United States
    • T: +1 512 327 6930
    • F: +1 512 327 7069

Doug Johnson is a Senior Director at FTI Platt Sparks and is based in Austin. Mr. Johnson is in the Platt Sparks energy group in the Economic Consulting segment. Mr. Johnson specializes in hydrocarbon storage, brine mining, and due diligence activities. Mr. Johnson provides professional petroleum engineering consulting services including data research, review, and compilation required to pursue regulatory authorization for most oil and gas operations as well as litigation support for the Firm’s Managing Directors.

Before joining FTI Platt Sparks, Mr. Johnson was employed by the Railroad Commission of Texas from 1982 until his retirement in 2014. The Railroad Commission regulates the oil and gas industry in the State of Texas. During his employment at the Railroad Commission, Mr. Johnson performed many duties. At the beginning of his career, Mr. Johnson was an engineer at the Railroad Commission’s District 9 Office. Mr. Johnson was responsible for conducting lease inspections, pollution investigations, responding to complaints, reviewing completion reports and well tests covering 15 counties in north central Texas.

From July 1983 to September 1995, as a Technical Hearings Examiner, Mr. Johnson presided over contested and uncontested hearings on applications for temporary or permanent special field rules, protested injection or disposal well permit applications, well spacing and/or density exceptions, complaints, Commission-called show-cause proceedings, qualified enhanced recovery tax abatement certifications, new hydrocarbon storage permits, and many others.

After 1995, Mr. Johnson transitioned to the Railroad Commission’s Underground Hydrocarbon Storage and Brine Mining Environmental Services Section. As a staff engineer, Mr. Johnson was responsible for processing new and amended applications for hydrocarbon storage permits, brine mining permits and processed all related testing and monitoring reports related to such facilities in Texas. As a Manager in that same division, Mr. Johnson oversaw administrative and technical personnel charged with administering all regulatory requirements applicable to hydrocarbon storage and brine mining facilities in Texas.

Before his retirement, Mr. Johnson was promoted to Assistant Division Director for Technical Permitting, Oil and Gas Division where he oversaw a large staff including engineers, geologists, administrative as well as section managers charged with administering the Railroad Commission’s rules applicable to obtaining drilling permits, injection permits, hydrocarbon storage permits, brine mining permits, surface waste management permits, flaring permits, high cost gas area designations and commingling permits. Since his retirement from the Railroad Commission, Mr. Johnson has worked as a consulting engineer.

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