Dr. Dora Grunwald | Managing Director | FTI Consulting
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Dr Dora Grunwald

Dr. Dora Grunwald

  • Managing Director
  • Economic & Financial Consulting
  • T: +44 20 3727 1217
  • F: +44 20 3727 1007
Connect with Me:
    • 200 Aldersgate
    • Aldersgate Street
    • London, EC1A 4HD
    • United Kingdom
    • T: +44 20 3727 1000
    • F: +44 20 3727 1007

Dr. Dora Grunwald is a Managing Director at FTI Consulting’s Economic and Financial Consulting segment and is based in London.

Prior to joining FTI Consulting, Dora worked at the Strategy and Economic Consulting groups of PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Professional Experience

Dora has 10 years’ experience in leading regulatory, due diligence, strategy and policy impact engagements assisting large corporations, private equity companies and government agencies. This experience includes:

  • Assessment of the impact of CO2 regulation on the global competitiveness of the EU automotive industry;
  • Analysis the impact of the totex cap introduced by Ofwat in its PR14 Draft Determinations on the incentives of menu regulation;
  • Evaluation of the impact of the European Emission Trading System on the competitiveness of the EU economy including detailed economic modelling of several manufacturing sectors;
  • Evaluation of the economic impact of a change in the EU pharmaceutical legal environment on the manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and on the wider economy of the EU;
  • Commercial Due Diligence including business plan review, market assessment, competitive and operational benchmarking on over 20 deals across a wide range of sectors;
  • Assessment of claims brought against two private equity companies related to over-leveraging a Greek telecom company that subsequently defaulted on its debts;
  • Analysis of the impact of changes in solar power regulation on PV solar investments in Spain;
  • Development of a derivative valuation model to value derivatives embedded in alumina take-off agreements.
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