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Roman Rabinovich, Ph.D.

Roman Rabinovich, Ph.D.

  • Managing Director
  • Corporate Finance
  • T: +1 213 452 6327
  • F: +1 213 689 1220
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    • 350 S. Grand Avenue
    • Suite 3000
    • Los Angeles, CA, 90071
    • United States
    • T: +1 213 689 1200
    • F: +1 213 689 1220

Dr. Roman Rabinovich specializes in leading software design and development, information technology and security support, bid strategy analysis, war room preparation and management and spectrum valuation analysis. Dr. Rabinovich has over 10 years of experience.

Over the last eight years, Dr. Rabinovich has specialized in providing bidder and auctioneer advisory to wireless carriers participating in spectrum auctions. His experience includes leading auction tool design and development, biding strategy, information technology and security support, war room preparation and management, and spectrum valuation analysis.

Dr. Rabinovich’s recent and on-going spectrum auction engagements include U.S. 3.5GHz CBRS, 600MHz Canada, Switzerland 5G, Italy 5G, U.S. CAFII, U.S. Incentive Auction Forward, U.S. Incentive Reverse, Slovenia 3.7Gz, Pakistan 4G, Canada 2.5GHz and 700MHz, U.S. AWS-3, Austria 4G, Columbia 3G, the Netherlands 4G, Switzerland 4G, Belgium 4G and Germany 4G auctions.

Dr. Rabinovich’s auction expertise covers a variety of action designs, including combinatorial clock auctions, simultaneous multiple round auctions, various custom ascending and descending clock formats, sealed bid, and real-time auctions.

Dr. Rabinovich also has extensive experience in business valuations and litigation support for U.S. and international telecommunication and companies. Particularly, Dr. Rabinovich worked on a variety of spectrum valuation projects assessing value of low-band, mid-band, and mm-wave spectrum.

In addition to spectrum-related work, Dr. Rabinovich has worked on business strategy, performance improvement, due diligence, and restructuring projects in telecommunications, publishing, entertainment, technology and software industries.

In the past, Dr. Rabinovich has advised clients in the wireless, CLEC, media, broadcasting, motion picture, online commerce and software segments.

Prior to joining FTI Consulting, Dr. Rabinovich was conducting academic theoretical and experimental research in the area of cluster physics in the University of Southern California and St. Petersburg State University, Physics Research Institute. His experience includes leading research projects and teaching.

Dr. Rabinovich is an author of nine scientific publications in peer reviewed journals.

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