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Hannah Hamburger

Hannah Hamburger

  • Managing Director
  • Forensic & Litigation Consulting
  • T: +1-312-606-2617
  • F: +1 312 759 8119
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    • 227 West Monroe Street
    • Suite 900
    • Chicago, IL, 60606
    • United States
    • T: +1 312 759 8100
    • F: +1 312 759 8119

Hannah Hamburger provides consulting services and data analytic expertise to top law firms and clients nationwide. Ms. Hamburger focuses on the criminal investigations, complex civil litigation matters, forensic accounting investigation matters, bankruptcies, and regulatory investigations. She has more than 12 years of experience in conducting complex engagements related to accounting irregularities, FINRA reporting violations, flow of funds analyses, Ponzi schemes, working capital management improvements, Opioid investigations, antitrust investigations, and claims management implementation and oversight.

Ms. Hamburger helped manage a team responsible for complex data analyses in response to a FINRA investigation regarding Large Option Position Reporting LOPR).  In addition to reviewing and re-creating nearly 4 years of LOPR submissions, Ms. Hamburger’s team reviewed In Concert reporting obligations and created In Concert LOPR submissions.  The large banking institution in question had multiple business segments, several internal data systems, and many multifaceted compliance issues.  Her team was able to determine what should have been reported to the Options Clearing Corporation and conclude how many days the bank was not in compliance with FINRA Rule 2360(b)(5).  Additional analyses provided to FINRA included address errors and inconsistencies, inappropriate deletion of records, and account type misreporting.

Ms. Hamburger led the financial accounting transaction data collections and analysis for a large pharmaceutical investigation by the Department of Justice.  She led the collection, reconciliation and analysis of over five years of financial accounting transaction data across disparate and legacy financial accounting systems for alleged price-fixing and market allocation.  Assisted Counsel in responding to plaintiff’s request for direct and indirect gross and net sales transaction data including the identification, calculation and allocation of gross-to-net deductions and profit calculations.  She has deep knowledge and insight of chargeback data and pharmaceutical relationships between manufacturers, distributors, and end customers.

Ms. Hamburger manages the data transformation and warehousing of nine years of DEA-provided ARCOS data related to the Opioid MDL. She is responsible for the development of models and analysis required for the defense’s rebuttal expert reports.  She led the production of over 2000 Tableau charts and provided deposition support for both Plaintiff and Defendant experts.

Ms. Hamburger graduated from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business with a B.S. degree in both business economics and public policy.

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