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Julie Corley

  • Senior Director
  • Forensic & Litigation Consulting
  • T: +1 415 283 4280
  • F: +1 415 293 4496
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    • 50 California Street
    • Suite 1900
    • San Francisco, CA, 94111
    • United States
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    • F: +1 415 293 4496

Julie Corley is a Senior Director in the FTI Consulting Forensic & Litigation Consulting segment, Environmental Solutions practice and is based in San Francisco. With more than 25 years of experience as a consulting historian, Ms. Corley specializes in managing and conducting field document research; analyzing and summarizing complex information from a variety of sources; and using that information to prepare concise and cogent work products. Ms. Corley’s primary areas of expertise include adapting historical research methodologies to locate and analyze disparate and complex information in order to produce a cohesive fact-based understanding of site operations.

Prior to joining FTI Consulting in 2011, Ms. Corley was a senior managing consultant with the Forensic History and Analysis Group at LECG (in Emeryville) and the director of research with PHR Environmental Consultants, leading firms in forensic history, specializing in the application of historical research in support of environmental, product liability, toxic tort, mass tort and other legal disputes.

Ms. Corley has researched a wide range of subjects relating to the industrial development of our environment. Many of the research topics she has explored have involved the environmental legacy associated with operations that occurred over the past 150 years, and address identifying PRPs for complex matters such as natural resource damages, urban waterway pollution and widespread regional groundwater contamination. Based in the San Francisco/Bay Area for the last 25 years, Ms. Corley is well versed in local resources and the industrial development of the region. She also specializes in regional ground water and urban waterway PRP studies, historical operations related to manufacturing processes and the effects and impacts of the industrial mobilization associated with World War II, the Korea Conflict and the Vietnam War.

Ms. Corley received a B.A in history at The California State University, Stanislaus, and earned an M.A. in public history at Arizona State University, Tempe. She is also a member of the National Council on Public History, The American Society of Environmental History and The American Society of State and Local History.

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