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Prayag Patel

  • Managing Director
  • Corporate Finance & Restructuring
  • T: +1 212.841.9312
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Prayag Patel is a member of the Technology Transformation practice and specializes in merger integration and carve-outs ("MICO") and digital transformation. He has more than 20 years of experience as a digital professional, focused primarily on bespoke and enterprise systems and carve-outs. Mr. Patel’s industry experience includes media, technology, digital advertising, healthcare, e-commerce, manufacturing and publishing.

On the MICO side, Mr. Patel has extensive expertise in diligence, merger integration and carve-outs, and performance improvement specifically on the commercial, operational, IT and digital tracks. In addition, Mr. Patel has led the project management office (PMO) role on various carve-outs and set-ups of global NewCo entities. He has led the separation of carved-out divisions along various workstreams and the stand-up of NewCos with respect to people, process and systems. On various engagements, he has helped carve out multi-currency entities with a global footprint from large multinational firms by helping them define and implement the target operating model and enabling a vendor-based IT service model.

With private equity firms, Mr. Patel has helped centralize the consolidation of financials and a view on the sales pipeline across various acquisitions through implementation of centralized tools, without the acquisitions having to undergo large IT migrations.

Mr. Patel also provides subject-matter expertise on technology, media, advertising technology, call-center efficiency, digital performance improvement/ transformation and data strategy. His diligence experience includes reviewing operations and the competitive landscape, as well as IT systems, organization, staffing, processes and products.

On the technology transformation side, Mr. Patel has designed user interfaces and dashboards for enterprise systems as well as B2C applications. His related experience includes work for Christie’s as well as for several publishing clients.

For Christie’s, Mr. Patel was part of the team that designed a cloud-based enterprise system to assess deals, guarantees, and auction sales. The application included several simulations and real-time reporting dashboards to help the client make informed decisions at auction sales. For our publishing clients, Mr. Patel worked on an application to help drive advertising sales. The system was designed around the salespeople and allowed them to dynamically bundle and price advertising products.

On the B2C side, Mr. Patel has provided subject matter expertise on UI/UX and on shopping-cart conversion with a focus on user acquisition and retention, all based on data and analytics.

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