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Shelly Irvine

Shelly D. Irvine

  • Senior Managing Director
  • Forensic & Litigation Consulting
  • T: +1 415 283 4200
  • F: +1 415 293 4497
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    • 50 California Street
    • Suite 1900
    • San Francisco, CA, 94111
    • United States
    • T: +1 415 283 4200
    • F: +1 415 293 4496

Shelly D. Irvine is a Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting and is based in San Francisco. Ms. Irvine has approximately 20 years of experience consulting with clients and counsel regarding valuation and strategic business decisions, including those concerning intellectual property matters, in a wide range of industries. Her experience spans many industries including life sciences, telecom, semiconductor, communications, computer software and hardware, retail and manufacturing.

Ms. Irvine is experienced at assisting clients in the area of valuation and strategic business decision making. She has performed market studies, identified relevant market niches, devised pricing strategies and created discounted cash flow analyses designed to value businesses, patents and technology. Working with financial and marketing personnel and technology experts at client companies, she has assessed and valued technology portfolios in order to determine optimal strategies for deriving value. Ms. Irvine delivered a two-day valuation and licensing course for a large Japanese electronics and semiconductor manufacturer and has authored several articles on the subject of valuation.

In the context of technology transfer, Ms. Irvine has assisted clients in assessing reasonable royalty rates and structuring licensing terms for transactions. Ms. Irvine has prepared business plans designed to maximize the value of intellectual property and has helped clients prepare for negotiations between potential equity partners in technology transactions. Most recently Ms. Irvine assisted an entrepreneur who had filed numerous patents around wireless surface battery charging devices. She assisted the client in locating partners in the mobile devices arena, developed models to project market penetration of the devices and corresponding financial scenarios for potential investors and assisted directly in the negotiations with interested licensees.

Ms. Irvine has assessed and quantified patent, copyright and trademark infringement damages on many occasions. In connection with these matters, Ms. Irvine has performed market and competitive studies, financial analyses and technology valuations. She has assessed lost profits damages stemming from alleged infringements, evaluated the contribution of the patented process or method to the end product, and identified and reviewed comparable license agreements. She is knowledgeable regarding recent case law, including the use of various analytical approaches and the application of EMVR to the determination of infringement damages.  She has reviewed hundreds of license agreements in many different industries throughout the course of her career.

With regard to trade secrets, Ms. Irvine has conducted analyses to determine the value of trade secrets in many industries. In so doing, she has evaluated the competitive dynamics of the involved parties, the future direction of the technology and industry and the contribution of the trade secret(s) to the sales of the affected product(s) and profitability of the company. She has both quantified and analyzed lost profits, reasonable royalty and disgorgement damages related to trade secrets matters.

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