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The FTI Consulting Performance Improvement practice helps clients rapidly unlock profitability by driving revenue, optimizing costs and improving operational effectiveness. We recognize that time is valuable and that our clients need immediate action. We work at an accelerated pace to facilitate change. Our teams are small, nimble and have the optimal mix of consulting tools and operating experience. Clients seeking to: 1) revitalize struggling business units; 2) explore new market opportunities; and 3) address challenges of activist investors call on our seasoned team of Performance Improvement professionals to develop and deploy sensible strategies that deliver sustainable results.

Our suite of services address the most important questions facing C-level Executives, Boards of Directors and Investors today. Through the lens of an operator, we take a data-driven, fact-based approach to solving these problems.

Our Service Offerings

Sales Effectiveness

Sales Force Capability and Compensation

  • Align incentives with both strategic and short-term business goals
  • Create competitive compensation to attract and retain talent
  • Establish transparent, understandable and equitable monthly revenue goals
  • Develop the optimal mix of sales talent (account acquisition vs. account retention)

Channel Development

  • Improve customer contribution, payback and ROI in each sales channel
  • Refine the sales channel mix and align incentives with product strategy
  • Improve or eliminate unprofitable channels
  • Support customer optimization with agile and efficient resources

Sales Process Efficiency (Lead to Revenue)

  • Define the sales funnel to accurately reflect the quality and probability of opportunities
  • Generate compelling sales proposals in a seamless process
  • Reduce administrative burden on valuable sales resources
  • Implement KPIs, metrics and goals

Customer and Market Development

Customer Profitability

  • Evaluate profitability and contribution by customer
  • Refine customer segmentation strategies
  • Determine customer acquisition costs by channel and by product
  • Quantify total “cost to serve” customers

Market Demand Analysis

  • Determine market opportunities by mining analytical data
    • Market share analysis
    • Geographic and demographic analysis
    • Statistical analysis and modeling
  • Develop profitability models for new markets and growth areas
  • Implement time series demand forecasting
Customer Connectivity
  • Quickly collect, analyze and gain actionable insights from your data
  • Build loyalty and brand recognition along the path to purchase through a mix of traditional and digital media
  • Provide flexible payment options
  • Connect on social, local and mobile platforms
  • Implement best in class customer care procedures

Product and Price Optimization

Product Profitability and SKU Rationalization

  • Model profit maximizing simulations and conduct sensitivity analysis
  • Identify underperforming SKUs
  • Create optimal product mix
  • Develop strategies to reduce product cost

Pricing Strategy

  • Align pricing strategy with company strategy
  • Uncover monetary value to the customer in the competitive context of the market
  • Conduct market segmentation
  • Leverage FTI Consulting industry and academically renowned specialists in this field

Product Life Cycle Management

  • Implement a product development governance structure
  • Establish dashboard for tracking product performance
  • Reduced time to market through technology and tools
  • Develop robust Stage Gate process model

Structural Cost Improvement

Integrated Working Capital Management

  • Improve critical processes utilizing lean Six Sigma-based approach
    • Order to Cash
    • Plan to Delivery
    • Procure to Pay
  • Right size inventory
  • Optimize cash conversion capabilities

SG&A Costs Optimization

  • Benchmark spend and headcount versus industry leaders
  • Assess people, process and technology across the enterprise
  • Identify opportunities for consolidation and elimination of redundant processes/costs

Fixed Assets Optimization

  • Increase asset utilization and ROTA
  • Optimize innovation timing
  • Minimize macroeconomic and geopolitical risk
  • Increase operating cash flow during productive life of investment

Operational Excellence

S&OP Process Improvement

  • Foster communication, alignment and synchronization across all functions
  • Explicitly linking supply and inventory to demand dynamics
  • Quickly adjust to market fluctuations and dynamics
  • Align with company strategy

Manufacturing Process Improvement

  • Selectively deploy flexible, lean Six Sigma processes on highest priority areas
  • Right size your production and distribution network
  • Improve material flow and reduce waste with the right equipment and systems
  • Modernize pick, pack and ship processes
  • Establish KPI’s and metrics

IT and Systems Optimization

  • Optimize IT costs and bridge the gap between control requirements, technical issues and business risks
  • Foster a technology independent and objective mindset
  • Enhance business requirements capture to improve technology selection
  • Align CIO and CFO on IT strategy

Supply Chain Effectiveness

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Transformation

  • Implement strategic sourcing process
  • Establish procurement governance model
  • Institute supplier management best practices to reduce 3rd party risk

Inventory Management and Control

  • Achieve optimal placement of inventory within the supply chain
  • Analyze flow of both raw materials and finished goods
  • Implement KPI’s and metrics to enable JIT and Lean initiatives

Transportation and Logistics

  • Optimize around rate, mode, cube and business strategy
  • Implement optimal warehouse network, layout and design
  • Leverage technology solutions to drive efficiencies

Human Capital Optimization

Optimal Organizational Design and Implementation

  • Align organization to effectively meet customer needs and deliver results
  • Eliminate redundant and non-value added activity
  • Reduce spans and layers to provide a simpler, more responsive organization

Workforce Engagement

  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Establish accountability, responsibility and rules or engagement
  • Provide a compelling career path to improve workforce retention

Change Management

  • Build ownership beyond passive acceptance or buy-in
  • Maintain employee performance and motivation
  • Communicate consistently across multiple channels

Digital Transformation

FTI Consulting provides an integrated approach to harness the power of the Industrial Internet from ideation and business model transformation to implementation and commercialization. Our experts have hands-on experience in defining and implementing Digital strategies in capital intensive industries like aerospace, aviation, and oil & gas.

We provide value to our clients through:

  • Development of actionable and differentiated Digital market strategies, based on deep knowledge of our clients’ customer operations and prioritization of most valuable use cases
  • Integration of process, technology, and organization to deliver an integrated service offering ahead of the competition
  • Development of a feasible implementation roadmap that balances risk with time to market
  • Improved productivity in client’s internal operations – increased production throughput, reduced equipment downtime, and improved operations reliability and safety
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