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Merger & Acquisition Integration

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Our merger and acquisition integration methodology centers around four fundamental principles ensuring that each is addressed throughout the integration, from pre-close through integration completion. We advise on how to create accelerated value from the merged entity and ensure alignment between vision and value.

We provide a proven approach to planning and executing the new model to realize value quickly. We help customers design a smooth transition for customers to the new model without disrupting service. We help align your organization with the new model and inspire employees to engage.

"FTI Consulting's TMT team was a great partner as we approached the tw telecom integration. They have been a big contributor to our success in the planning and execution process. Their industry expertise, in addition to their “dig in and get it done” style, is a great complement and fit to how we work at Level 3."
Jeff Storey, President and CEO, Level 3 Communications

Our Service Offerings

  • Integration Management Office
  • Functional Integration Planning & Execution
  • Synergy Optimization
  • Strategic Blueprinting
  • Organizational Design
  • Communication & Training
  • Change Management & Employee Engagement
  • Clean Room & Analysis
  • Process Optimization
  • Customer Experience
  • IT Roadmap & Enablement
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Product Strategy
  • Program Management
  • Wargaming
  • Day 1 and 100 Design and Execution
  • KPI Dashboard and Management

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