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Center for Healthcare Economics and Policy


The experienced healthcare professionals at the Center for Healthcare Economics and Policy (Center) work closely with clients to provide data-driven strategy solutions to complex issues based on rigorous economic analyses and modeling.

The Center applies cutting-edge economics and quantitative methods to assist clients in developing and implementing market-based solutions across a wide spectrum of healthcare activity – and on issues in other industries. Our advanced capabilities and extensive datasets address effects of major policy, regulatory, or significant and disruptive changes on healthcare systems or communities locally, nationally or internationally. We provide predictive modeling capable of evaluating complex “what-if” scenarios for both public and private stakeholders.

The Center works with a wide range of clients, including businesses, insurers, healthcare systems, government, and multi-sector collaboratives. We bring a multi-disciplinary team composed of Ph.D. economists, analytic consultants, advanced industry experts, and predictive modelers. We have the ability to bring additional experts and practitioners from across FTI Consulting’s other disciplines and practices, including strategic communications, corporate finance, and healthcare. Our extensive experience and specialized expertise spans domains of regulatory and policy, mergers and acquisitions, disputes, strategic and management consulting, competition, and assessment of private equity issues such as market sizing.

The Center works with public and private sector clients, including providers, insurers, employers, government, and public-private collaboratives to address current and forecasted opportunities by facilitating optimal solutions grounded in solid data analysis.

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