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Natural Gas & LNG

FTI Consulting experts have decades of experience modeling the U.S. natural gas and global LNG markets for diverse clients and wide-ranging needs. Our proprietary U.S. gas model simultaneously co-optimizes with our power and coal models. The gas model integrates more than 260 interstate and intrastate pipeline systems, 400 storage facilities, and 130 gas fields, including conventional gas, shale gas, and coal bed methane. We forecast supply volumes by field, flow volumes by pipeline, hub-level basis differential, and storage utilization, as well as customize our model based on client needs. For example, our experts can model supply and demand changes as a result of public policy; analyze the profitability of investment decisions, such as a pipeline, storage, or LNG infrastructure; and conduct long-term price forecasts.

Also, we have extensive expertise in conducting global LNG market analyses for companies and assets around the world. Our LNG experts have assessed global LNG markets in a variety of engagements, including valuation, due diligence, arbitration, and feasibility studies. We are well positioned to help clients navigate the increasingly complex global market with our deep understanding of and experience with both global and U.S. natural gas markets.

Our Service Offerings

Gas Supply and Demand Fundamentals

The FTI Consulting proprietary natural gas model is fully integrated into our power and coal model, allowing it to dynamically forecast natural gas supply, demand, basis, and storage relative to other fuels. This holistic analytical approach allows us to help clients answer a diverse range of questions, from determining the effect of public policy on market demand and prices to formulating investment strategy. By modeling over 260 pipeline systems, 400 storage facilities, and 130 fields, our gas model can analyze the costs and constraints of gas delivery from each production zone to meet residential, commercial, industrial, power generation, and export demands.

Pipeline Flow Analysis

FTI Consulting experts have developed its gas model to advise clients in making gas infrastructure investments. Given the model represents over 260 interstate and intrastate gas pipelines, including tariffs, maximum and minimum volumes, and interconnections, we can model pipeline flow and market-clearing prices by gas hubs. Our gas capability is critical for clients in determining infrastructure needs and constraints, sensitivity analyses around production and price changes, and opportunities for investment, repurpose, or expansion of gas infrastructure assets.

Global LNG Supply and Demand

FTI Consulting specializes in evaluating global LNG market dynamics driven by supply and demand, evolving pricing or contracting mechanisms, and competing regional and global infrastructures. Our LNG experts have modeled global LNG markets in a variety of scenarios, including valuation, due diligence, arbitration, feasibility studies, and value of destination flexibility. We have conducted global LNG market assessments for a variety of clients – including infrastructure funds, national gas and oil companies, and leading LNG exporters – and for both specific LNG assets and entire companies’ LNG and gas portfolios.

Midstream Valuation and Due Diligence

FTI Consulting has conducted midstream due diligence and valuation across the natural gas value chain for domestic and international stakeholders. Utilizing deep energy expertise and financial acumen, our valuation capabilities include market assessment, fair market value, bidding strategy, tariff analysis, contract review, and revenue projection. Clients, including equity investors, pipeline companies, utilities, and developers, use our valuation analysis to support transactions, evaluate market opportunities, and develop long-term strategy.

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