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An initial public offering (“IPO”) requires well-planned and strategic communications before, during and after the event. FTI Consulting has helped companies of all sizes successfully navigate their entry into the equity markets — from the preparation of the registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission and creation of the investment story to the development of the IPO road show and outreach plans for investors, employees and regulators. We develop compelling investment stories and understand what investors and other stakeholders want and need to hear.

We have a comprehensive and proven approach to help companies establish the right public-company infrastructure and ongoing communications programs.

FTI Consulting works with our clients to:

  • Create a clear and effective investment proposition and strategic rationale for the IPO
  • Develop an IPO preparation rollout plan that identifies communications-related activities and responsibilities
  • Establish an investor relations infrastructure, including website content and protocols for handling inquiries
  • Educate and train senior management and other employees on public company communications practices — including media training, Regulation Fair Disclosure training and mock Q&As
  • Target quality, long-term institutional investors for road show meetings and post-IPO activities
  • Create and refine disclosure and reporting practices
  • Prepare for the first earnings call
  • Arrange listing day media and event support
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