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Media & Presentation Coaching

At FTI Consulting, we understand how important it is to get your message across the first time, every time. To help clients communicate as effectively as possible, FTI Consulting media specialists leverage our deep sector expertise and our understanding of the media, capital markets, government officials and other stakeholders. Our practical advice prepares individuals and teams for any communications setting, particularly media interviews, presentations and crisis situations.

Whether you’re a CFO presenting to analysts and investors, a CEO making a presentation at an industry event or a spokesperson facing a barrage of media interviews, we can help you effectively deliver your messages and tell your story.

Our comprehensive sessions are designed for C-suite, senior management and divisional levels and are conducted either on a one-on-one basis or in small groups. These training programs focus on personal communication skills and message development, and we approach the sessions with the goal of raising both the skill and comfort level of the client.

Media Training: FTI Consulting has designed a highly effective, hands-on media training workshop for senior executives that maximizes the opportunity and minimizes the risk inherent in a media interview. In these sessions, we work to demystify the interview process and empower you to not only deliver your messages but also to successfully navigate challenging dialogue with reporters.

Presentation Training: Our presentation workshop effectively changes the dynamics of the participants’ presentations — from the moment you walk in until the final question from the back of the room is confidently handled. The training begins with an in-depth look at the skill of presenting, then moves to on-camera delivery of the executive’s own presentation, followed by constructive criticism and retakes that build confidence and develop a winning technique.

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