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Reputation Research & Insights

The reputation of a company or organization rests on the opinions of stakeholders such as investors, partners, employees, the media, customers, policymakers and the general public. Insights gained through research enable clients to better understand how their reputation impacts key organizational goals such as raising capital, attracting employees, evaluating new markets and maintaining credibility in crises. FTI Consulting uses a unique set of analytical tools to measure stakeholder beliefs and track progress based on reputational goals.

FTI Consulting research enables a fact-based approach to the conception, execution and measurement of corporate messaging. By understanding current stakeholder attitudes, clients can create optimal messaging and the channels to convey it.

Multi-stakeholder outreach: Our work addresses key issues for numerous audiences, including:

  • Marketplace participants such as partners, customers and suppliers
  • Internal audiences, including board members, executives and employees
  • External audiences such as policymakers, non-governmental organizations, public intellectuals, media members and other key opinion leaders
  • Financial audiences, including analysts, institutions and retail investors

High-Impact Research Products: We provide high-value support through discrete deliverables and products such as publicly released thought leadership research and internal insights to inform business and strategic decision making.

Integrated, Global Capabilities: Clients access a full suite of sample sources, including hard-to-reach audiences, survey design and hosting capabilities, secondary research and analysis, and other proprietary analytics tools that enable FTI Consulting to seamlessly execute around the world.

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