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Strategic Content Development

In a fractured media environment, a company must develop and communicate compelling stories that deliver an effective corporate narrative to multiple stakeholders. FTI Consulting works with clients to create and disseminate information that supports a company’s messaging, brings business messages to life, demystifies complex business operations or situations and reflects clearly defined goals. We believe a company’s self-published content should:

  • Define a company’s story when the media ignores it, reports information incorrectly or is overly critical
  • Seed new third-party coverage by educating traditional and social media outlets on previously unnoticed corporate accomplishments or viewpoints
  • Lay the foundation for increasing the ratio of positive vs. negative stories online, as search engine results will have an increased likelihood of finding new content over time
  • Provide an essential digital infrastructure that can be leveraged rapidly during a media crisis or can support business-critical announcements

FTI Consulting executes on content development strategies by:

  • Developing captivating content in a variety of written and multimedia forms
  • Distributing information using an integrated digital approach that utilizes websites, newsrooms and social media outlets in a holistic publishing ecosystem
  • Creating an editorial calendar for a sustained campaign of strategic content
  • Using measurement tools to hone content for maximum impact, demonstrate audience size and growth, and gauge association with key themes in other online channels and stories
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