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Organizational Design and Development

Many organizations fall short of reaching their goals and achieving intended success because of organizational deficiencies. FTI Consulting professionals have vast experience assisting clients with organizational challenges, whether they are management or employee focused. Our goal is to create stronger client organizations that are better prepared and capable of achieving future success. To accomplish this, we specialize in Organizational Design, Organizational Development and Culture, and People Analytics.

Our Service Offerings

Organization Design

We help transform organization structures and operating models to deliver business strategies, optimize efficiencies, and facilitate ways of working fit for the future. In addition, we provide transition planning and implementation management to achieve envisioned future state.

  • Partnering with the organization to determine objectives, operating principles and KPIs driving organization restructures and establishing underpinning design principles
  • Working with stakeholders and subject matter experts to identify needs, issues and opportunities
  • Identifying critical roles, gaps and overlaps, headcount requirements, and opportunities for efficiencies
  • Aligning structure to cultural requirements, ways of working, leadership styles and desired behaviors
  • Developing and costing structure design options and facilitating decision making working sessions
  • Streamlining organizations and functions following Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Evaluating and developing governance processes
  • Implementation planning and transition arrangements, and partnering with the HR function to support design and delivery of new structures
  • Development of functional and departmental visions and strategies
  • Guiding change management processes and change communications to facilitate successful implementation
  • Tracking progress and measuring impact

Organization Development and Culture

We develop people strategies and initiatives aligned to deliver business imperatives, to enhance cultural effectiveness aligned to business goals, to design people processes across talent and performance management and acquisition, and to support HR transformation and strategic HR impact through development of HR leaders and business partners.

  • Partnering with organizations to determine people strategies aligned to deliver business results
  • Holistic organizational assessments to improve organization effectiveness and identify priority people initiatives
  • Provision of specialist people support during merger integration and organizational restructuring
  • Talent and performance management and development, retention strategy and implementation, strategic workforce and capability planning, talent acquisition support and advice
  • Working with organizations to assess alignment of culture with vision, values and business strategy to drive organizational performance
  • Culture gap analysis of desired and future states, design and implementation of culture change initiatives that drive results
  • Aligning organization processes and systems to embed culture change
  • Working with HR leaders to design and align HR functions to deliver strategic impact through people and building strategic business partnering capabilities
  • Enabling and optimizing support functions: stakeholder feedback analysis; assessing impact against needs; developing business partnering capabilities; design and implementation of initiatives to drive improvements

People Analytics

Our team uses workforce analytics to track performance and identify issues, predictive modelling to inform people process design and anticipate priority needs, and to measure and predict the impact of people initiatives.

  • People and HR data analytics to identify issues, inform needs and prioritise people initiatives
  • Modelling to identify drivers of role performance, to inform role design, talent acquisition, progression and reward
  • Predictive analysis to identify risks, issues and opportunities across the people and workforce space
  • Network analysis to explore communication flows and intra organization connections
  • Identification and evaluation of factors that impact organizational health, engagement and performance
  • Supporting organizations to develop people scorecards, dashboards, and management information for early issues detection to inform action and priority
  • Measure and predict the impact of people initiatives, quantify contribution and determine Return on Investment of HR programs
  • Provision of data to track and monitor key initiatives, benchmark and assess performance and impact
  • Enable and support evidence based practice of the HR function
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