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Technology Transformation

FTI Consulting believes technology should be a key driver of business value and competitive advantage in the digital era. Our Technology Transformation practice is composed of an expert global team of dedicated technology specialists with decades of experience. We provide companies expertise in all dimensions of technology. This includes technology-oriented revenue strategy, assessment and implementation across numerous industries. Our skills include digital transformation, IT modernization, enterprise data management, mergers, carveouts and diligence, as well as analytics and machine learning.

IT Due Diligence, Merger Integration and Carveouts

Identifying IT related M&A transaction risks and opportunities, as well as planning, budgeting and managing… More

Technology-Led Business Transformation

Viewing IT and client’s business holistically, optimizing IT to drive business value and business transformation… More


Assessing the threat environment and business situation, defending assets, identifying threats, responding holistically… More

Customer Centric Innovation

Driving customer satisfaction whether client adheres to Net Promotor Score methodologies or other techniques… More

Business Intelligence

Driving critical insights from data that increase profitability, reduce risk, and power data driven decision making… More

Office of the Chief Data Officer

Articulating the need, designing and establishing the function of a chief data officer to drive enterprise-wide data… More

IT Modernization

Updating and enhancing technology portfolio to drive IT agility, speed to market, flexibility, cost optimization… More

Enterprise Data Management

Building a “data culture” to obtain, structure, and manage information to drive business and customer engagement… More

Intelligent Automation (RPA+)

FTI offers comprehensive intelligent automation advisory and implementation services for organizations looking to… More

Digital Transformation

Changing your company’s clockspeed by burning agility into your strategy, operations, technology and culture… More

Regulatory Compliance

Assessing current and future-state ERP requirements and selecting, planning, managing and implementing best-fit… More

ERP Selection and Project Management

Assessing current and future-state ERP requirements and selecting, planning, managing and implementing best-fit… More

IT Outsourcing

Improving service levels and driving efficiencies by outsourcing transformation with the goal of improving operational… More

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