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Technology Transformation

The FTI Consulting Technology Transformation practice is founded on the belief that IT is a key driver of business value and competitive advantage in the digital era. We have an expert team of dedicated IT executives with decades of experience who are laser-focused on delivering visionary solutions. We provide companies expertise in all the strategic dimensions of IT and across numerous industries.

Merger Integration, Carveouts and IT Due Diligence

Providing due diligence, planning, execution of M&A integration or carve out transactions from buy and sell sides… More

Technology-Led Business Transformation

Viewing IT and client’s business holistically, optimizing IT to drive business value and business transformation… More


We assess the situation, defend all assets, identify threats, respond holistically and recover operations quickly.… More

Customer Centric Innovation

Driving customer satisfaction whether client adheres to Net Promotor Score methodologies or other techniques… More

Business Intelligence

Critical insights from data that increase profitability, reduce risk, and power data driven decision making… More

IT Modernization

Updating and enhancing technology portfolio to drive IT agility, speed to market, flexibility, cost optimization… More

Enterprise Data Management

Building a “data culture” to obtain, structure, and manage information to drive business and customer engagement… More

Robotic Process Automation

Our mission is to identify, quantify and capitalize on automation opportunities throughout a client’s processes… More

Digital Transformation

Focusing on internal/external digital transformation to use digital workflows, technology for improved efficiency… More

Regulatory Compliance

We develop and implement compliance assessments, corporate integrity agreements, and risk improvements.… More

ERP Selection and Management

Assessing a client’s current situation and leveraging technical, process and architecture opportunities… More

IT Outsourcing

The FTI IT Outsourcing practice focuses on outsourcing transformation with the goal of improving operational… More

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Key Contacts

Bruce Benson

Senior Managing Director, Leader of Technology Transformation

Michael Knott

Senior Managing Director