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Customer Centric Innovation

FTI Consulting helps companies drive customer satisfaction throughout their life cycles, whether they adhere to Net Promoter Score methodologies or other techniques. We help you plan the customer experience, select the appropriate measures of engagement, design enhanced services and then use automation as appropriate to enhance customer satisfaction.

Our Service Offerings

Customer Experience Design
Customer Experience Design focuses on identifying the elements required to optimize the customer experience lifecycle from initial contact to maturity. Elements touched on include journey design, customer engagement & touchpoint design, customer lifecycle, data strategy, processes and technology strategy.

Customer Data Management
Customer Data Management defines the data acquisition, management, quality, processes and technologies needed for a 360-degree customer view. Building a 360-degree customer mosaic is critical input in gaining insight into the desired customer experience and customer opportunities.

Data Management Platform (DMP) Governance
Data Management Platform (DMP) Governance solutions touch data management, data survivorship, multi-DMP strategy and governance, data quality and utility. The purpose is building governance, processes and KPI’s for how DMP is managed.

Customer Analytics
Customer Analytics capture information on customer touches, interactions and experiences that can be used as a point of reference for enhancing the customer experience. Examples include advanced customer segmentation, growth and profitability analytics, churn and retention analytics, campaign analytics and channel propensity, customer experience analytics, pricing optimization, scenario modeling, metrics definition and Analytics as a Service.

Customer Profitability
Customer Profitability algorithms identify which customers are profitable and those that have future profitability opportunity. This offering supports determination of customer profitability through profitability cube, gross and net profitability calculations, customer segmentation, customer strategies for revenue and profitability improvement.

Industry IT Expertise
Our Technology Transformation team has deep industry expertise to complement our technology skills. Our professionals have executive level IT and industry expertise. Working side-by-side with management, boards of directors and investors, we help align IT initiatives with critical priorities, striking a balance between short-term and long-term goals. Our approach is to leverage our industry strength and IT expertise. Our Technology Transformation professionals understand our clients’ challenges, opportunities and competitive landscapes. We offer IT expertise in the following industries:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive & Industrial
  • Chemicals
  • Clean Energy
  • Energy, Power and Products
  • Financial Services
  • Food and Beverage
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitality, Leisure and Gaming
  • Industrials and Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Mining and Mining Services
  • Real Estate & Infrastructure
  • Retail & Consumer Products
  • Telecom, Media & Technology
  • Transportation & Logistics
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Key Contacts

Bruce Benson

Senior Managing Director, Leader of Technology Transformation

Prayag Patel

Managing Director